Welcome to MindFireInc REST API Documentation Web Site

This site describes all the services and methods available in our REST API. By clicking on each service link, you will see the details information about that specific service.

Service Description
 Account Service  To manage MFI Studio accounts. This includes creating or updating an account, getting an account data or account list and much more.
 Configuration Service  To configure MFI Studio. This includes managing domains, goals, service packages, service provisions and tier pricing. All the activities under this service will affect all the programs and campaigns.
 Contact Service  To manage MFI Studio contacts. This means you can manage contacts and custom fields or get contact lists and activities.
 Program Service  To manage MFI Studio programs. This includes publishing and checking in/out a program, getting programs and program lists, managing programs/elements permissions, getting outbound schedules, system variables and time zone and much more.
 Report Service  To get contacts, event history, form data report, pivot report and report on change.
 User Service  To manage MFI Studio users. You can add/update/remove users and roles, change their passwords, register/activate/inactivate them and get different lists such as inactive users and permissions.


Download Maml Schema Validator
Download REST API .NET SDK Library
Download Application Development .NET SDK Library
Download Sample API Calls from within PHP
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